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How it started


It all started in cold November 2018 evening. We were walking down the street with my mate and saw a homeless cat. He was dirty and hungry and was so miserable. We decided to adopt him and called Duke. Since then Duke became the real soul of our family – a very sociable and kind cat.

That cold November day one homeless pet’s life changed completely.

Since then I was thinking about how we could change the situation with homeless pets. Adopting each and every pet is not an option for a good long-term solution. Supporting shelters as an individual also has its limit and will not change the situation either globally, or will have a substantial impact. There is safety in numbers.

The impact can be done if people act together.

Big charity organizations live on donations, they spend lots of money to raise donations for supporting homeless pets. But what do donors get after their donation? Just a feeling of doing the right things?

What if people could buy a good product related to pets and at the same time seamlessly help those homeless cuties? Like WIN-WIN for all?

With that idea in mind in May 2019 I started to craft HelpCuties.com where people can help abandoned pets in many different ways:
1. browse pets from different shelters currently available for adoption and adopt one!
2. donate a sum of money in exchange for affordable quality merchandise. We sell bracelets and other nice things that would remind you about the good deed you did to support homeless pets in shelters.
3. just simply donate money to a specific shelter or a pet you like but you can’t adopt!
4. spread the word about pets available for adoption! More people know about it the bigger chances are for the cuties in shelters to find new homes!

So welcome to HelpCuties.com! We hope you can find a pet that you would really like to take home! They all need our care and support!

Let’s support stray pets and shelters together!

Mike Green - kitesurfing

Together we can make the impact!
Mike Green