Our principles

Everyone who donates own money wants to have a clear understanding of:

  • where the money did finally go to,
  • how well it was spent.

This is a natural desire and we share it completely. So here we will outline how we are dealing with it.

Donation aggregation

As outlined in our mission we will aggregate donations and money from merchandise selling and consequently allocate it to organizations and projects that support homeless pets.

Donation funds usage and allocation

All collected money for charity activities (like direct monetary donations to respective non-commercial organizations, participation in supportive projects, etc.) we will use at rarest once in every 3 months. To keep it simple for everyone we will proceed with donation transfers at least once every quarter.

HelpCuties.com aims to become a notable supporter of the respective organizations. Thus, we can have more influence on these support organizations and better control over the real support actions for homeless pets they do for the money donated.

However, as we got immersed in “the living days of homeless pet organizations” we understood that activities have to be ongoing all the time. So we will do our best to proceed on a regular basis.

Charity Reporting

All our donations and charity activities will be transparently published on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as well. You are welcome to follow us there!

Got questions? Contact us!

In case you have questions, suggestions or anything we may help you with, just approach us via any contact channels