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Experience of #AdoptDontShop

The story of just began by adopting a miserable cat from the street. We wrote about it here:

It is an amazing experience once you adopt the ownerless pet. A pet that was abandoned, thrown out from home or treated with violence. These pets are just different. And you will never look at them again the way you did before.

We frequently visit shelters. Each time we interact with pets from there, feelings inside get so contradictory: from one side heart bleeds with pity, but from another side, these pets are so tender and warm. They can really become and are ready to be faithful for life.

If you are ready to share your experience of adopting a pet, you are very welcome to send us a message! We will gladly share your story with everyone, so more people discover an #AdoptDontShop vision.

Have you ever adopted pets from a shelter?