Kalo  (Paljasaare, Tallinn, Estonia)

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Kalo is about nine years old. He’s a big dog, impossible to miss. Hundreds of times smaller in the same colors, his name would be a black fly. Even in his current size, he is an active and cheerful creature who wants and knows how to get along with people.

Every single dog must have one minus, and for that purpose, Kalo has opted for a repressive attitude against other dogs. He is not forced to share a running shed with other dogs in the shelter, and Kalo is just grateful for that. But there are quite different stories with people because Kalo is very sympathetic to them. Day after day, the shelter staff sees him around the muzzle of a laughing stock, looking at his hand with candy, and always ready to take a walk that is already a walk. Kalo succeeds with men and women, young and old, yet dignity is firmly anchored in his behavior. For the first person to come, he does not jump on his lap or wait for a stranger to overpower him. His respect must be earned, and then he is very human. He doesn’t have a two-legged one to share with forever, but he’s waiting.

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