You buy 1 “KITE SUREFER” sign = We buy food for 1 kitty for a week!

Kitty, Tallinn shelter

“Kitesurfer on board” sign looks great in the car!

It is double-sided with the “Baby on board” sign from another side.

The minimum car sign price is 14.99 EUR:

  • 9.99 EUR – we cover costs for sign production, payment charges, and delivery.

  • 5 EUR will be allocated for pet support.

You can pay more, then we buy more food for homeless pets:

Buy the sign for 20 EUR = we can feed 5 kittens for a week.

Buy the sign for 30 EUR  = we can feed 2 middle-sized dogs or 5 adult cats for a week.

All we, kitesurfers, know how passionate we are about kiting!

Two kites

Kitesurfing brothers and sisters, let’s help homeless pets together!

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Weight 0.05 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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