Sulli (Võru, Estonia)

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{“et”: “Sulli on üks armas inimese lähedust hindav koer. Talle meeldib joosta vabalt koos inimesega. Rihmas käimist me veel alles harjutame. Sulli on saanud vajalikud parasiitide tõrjed ja on ka vaktsineeritud, kuid veel kiibistamata ja kastreerimata. Kui sa soovid Sullit aidata, et need protseduurid saaksid  võimalikult kiiresti tehtud, siis selleks on vaid vaja klõpsata allpool oleval nupul “Annetan”.”, “en”: “Sulli is one of the most lovely people in the proximity of evaluating the dog. He likes to run freely with the people. The strap in the course of the we still only practice. Sulli has become necessary for the parasites to control and is also vaccinated, but still kiibista without and castrated. If you want to Sulli help that these procedures can as quickly as possible made, you to do this, it is only necessary to click below the button “Donate”.”}

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