Patron Society

We really want to change the world. We really want to help homeless pets, those minors in need that might be neglected by the general public.

To become The Superpower we need Superheros. You don’t need to be a superhuman though. You just have to care and empathize with our mission.

If you do want to help homeless pets in your locality, then become our HelpCuties Patron.

Goals of the Patrons Society

  1. find globally people who empathize with the mission of HelpCuties in supporting homeless pets.
  2. increase the size of Patrons Society
  3. increase awareness of the problems solved by HelpCuties
  4. finally, increase the real impact of HelpCuties activities

Mission of Patrons

  1. within Patron’s locality contact with shelters and homeless pets supporting organizations
  2. find out real problems and needs of the shelters in Patron’s locality
  3. propose projects that need financing from HelpCuties
  4. control and verify that project financed by HelpCuties was completed and the intended result was delivered.
  5. Proposing other candidates for HelpCuties Patrons
  6. vote on accepting new Patrons into the HelpCuties Patron Society
  7. vote on selecting proposed projects for HelpCuties financing and realization

What we at HelpCuties provide to our Patrons

  1. Hundreds of homeless and ownerless pets supported, fed, and hopefully adopted
  2. Realization of projects proposed and selected by Patrons Society
  3. Social media coverage, promotion of Patron’s social accounts and more followers for the Patrons
  4. Personal public profile page of each Patron on
  5. Special limited HelpCuties Patron bracelet (impossible to purchase)
  6. Good karma 🙂

It is free and easy, just contact us.

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